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We’re a full service digital agency

What we do

How we do it

  1. Analyse

    The first step when we start a new project is analysis. We analyse the requirements, the target audience, the competition.

  2. Plan

    Planning is essential to avoid surprises along the way. Once we’ve got a clear plan, we can start to…

  3. Create

    This is the key part of the whole process. Whatever we’re working on we put our hearts into it.

  4. Launch

    Once the project is ready, we’ll take care of the launch for you. All taken care of.

  5. Review

    After launch we’ll have a review with you to make sure that everything’s to your satisfaction.

Who does it


Digital director

Photo of Pawel

Pawel is the founder of Relish. He’s been programming computers since he was under 10 years old. A little later he took interest in visual design, photography and videography. His unique combination of artistic and technical skills allows him to overlook all aspects of our work.

After work he takes pictures, swims and bakes bread.



Photo of Darek

Darek is our photography expert. With more than 10 years experience in commercial photography, he’s able to tackle any challenge.

He’s a petrolhead and after work you can find him peeking under the hood of his car.


Software developer

Michael is an experienced front- and back-end developer. His background in low-level languages, like C++ and Assembly, give him a strong software architecture foundation.

After work he enjoys a good film or a video game.



Anna’s experienced in print and web design. She has an exceptional eye for detail as well as experience with all aspects of design: typography, grids, colour theory, et all.

After work she enjoys spending time with her son.



Martin is the newest addition to the team. He’s been into making films since he was a young lad. He earned his experience making numerous amateur productions and working as a wedding videographer. He admits he prefers editing but we just love his camera work.

After work he enjoys Guinness and keeps the camera rolling!

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